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Why Study in Ireland?


An increasing number of overseas students are selecting Ireland as their study destination. This enigmatic island nation is home to bustling, modern cities as well as beautiful, unsullied countryside.

Due to substantial government investment in Ireland’s higher education institutions, the country has one of the best higher education systems in the world.

Ireland’s universities are noted for their excellence in research and the impact that research has in many fields, driving innovation and changing lives. At the undergraduate and postgraduate level, studying in Ireland, you’ll have access to some of the best research facilities anywhere.

A major centre for finance and commerce, leading global companies such as Google, Facebook and Pfizer have European bases here. Ireland is also a hugely entrepreneurial nation and Dublin is amongst the world’s top cities for start ups.


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With a rich history in culture and the arts, Ireland gave us such literary giants as James Joyce, Oscar Wilde and George Bernard Shaw. These days there are a host of popular contemporary writers such as Roddy Doyle, Sebastian Barry, and Colm Toibin.

Traditional Irish song and dance is much loved throughout the world and modern artists such as Enya and U2 continue to entertain us.

Another factor that makes Ireland a popular choice for international study is the Irish themselves. Renowned for their warmth, friendliness and sense of fun, the people here will make your stay unforgettable.


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Types of Institutes and Courses

Irish universities provide a quality education and the qualifications they offer are respected globally. In addition to universities, in Ireland there are colleges, institutes of technology and private higher education institutes. There is also a wide range of English language schools offering a variety of programs.

Ireland’s eight universities offer undergrad degrees and postgraduate study. For more information, listings and contact details, please visit the IUA (Irish Universities Association) website.

There is also a network of institutes of technology throughout the country that offer both undergraduate and postgraduate programs. Please visit the THEA (Technological Higher Education Association) website for more information, listings and contact details.

There are also a number of private higher education providers in Ireland, including a large range of English language schools. For listings of providers in these sectors as well as further information on all aspects of studying in Ireland, please visit the Education in Ireland website.


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Visa & Entry Requirements

How to Apply
You should research your options fully before applying and gather as much information as possible on your preferred education provider, the entry requirements they specify, your visa criteria and funding options. For more information on applying, visit the Education in Ireland website.

Entry Requirements
Entry requirements vary between the different universities in Ireland so you should contact your chosen education provider directly or check their website to check what grades are required for your course.

International students from certain non-EU countries require a visa to come and study in Ireland. To find out if you require a visa and for information on the visa process, visit the Education in Ireland website

For more information on entry requirements and visas for non-EEA nationals (students from countries outside the European Economic Area), please visit the INIS (Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service) website. The information includes details on working while studying.