Canadian Institution and Courses

Canada is a bilingual nation, having both English and French as its official languages. In the majority of the universities, the medium of instruction is English. However, there are also many French speaking universities, particularly in Quebec. They offer undergraduate degrees and postgraduate study.

As well as universities, there are also university colleges and community colleges. The community colleges typically offer practical, vocational type courses. The university colleges offer similar programs as well as bachelor degrees.

The universities and university colleges in Canada are registered with the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada (AUCC) ensuring a high level of quality across the institutes.

There are also a large number of language schools in Canada teaching both French and English. For more information visit

How to Apply

In most cases you will need to apply directly to your chosen institution. Contact them or visit their website for more details on the procedure.

However, if you are applying to an institute in Ontario, you may be able to apply through the Ontario Universities’ Application Centre. Visit the OUAC website for more details

Entry Requirements

Each Canadian institute has its own policy regarding admission requirements. You should contact your chosen education provider directly for the admission requirements of the course that you are interested in.


You must have been accepted on to a recognised course at an institution before you can apply for a study permit. For further details on applying for a study permit, visit the Citizen and Immigration Canada website

Working while Studying

It is possible to work whilst studying as in international student in Canada. In most cases you will need to apply for a student work permit. For more information visit the CIC website

Useful Links Canadian Government website on studying in Canada

Citizenship and Immigration Canada for study permit and study work permit details

Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada the voice of Canada’s universities for information on studying English or French in Canada for information on student insurance in Canada

Recent Canadian Student Profiles

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