Innocent Peter, University of Birmingham

What did you choose to study in the UK?
I studied International Relations at the University of Birmingham.

What did you like most about the school?
I like the fact that the school allowed for groups and societies where students can meet, make friends, and get support from other students. These groups range from sport groups to culture groups.

What did you like most about Birmingham?
I like the fact that the city is more affordable than other cities like London. Birmingham has cheaper accommodation, food and transport.

Did you face any kind of a ‘culture shock’ when you arrived?
Not at all. It was an easy city to adjust to.

What do you miss most about the UK?
I miss the opportunities the city offered with regards promoting my football dream. Birmingham has a standard football club, and is surrounded by other great football homes like Aston Villa, Wolves and West Brom.

Do you have some tips to save money while studying abroad?
Yes, I’ll give some tips
– Find a part-time job.
– Shop more in stores that offer student discounts
– Buy more used books rather than new
– If you can cook, eat more at home and less at restaurants.

How do you think you have benefitted from your study overseas?
I was able to get my first trial in a standard football academy through my study at the university and joining a football group. Although it didn’t work out, I gained so much knowledge that I’ve used to help local talents in Nigeria who dream of playing in the UK.

What advice would you give to a Nigerian student travelling abroad to study for the first time?
It’s the best decision you can ever make. Aside from his standard educational system, you’ll be exposed to opportunities that will help you begin life after school.