Esther – University College Dublin, Ireland


Why did you choose to study in Ireland?
I choose to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Film Studies at the University College Dublin.

What did/do you like most about the school?
With 8,500 foreign students from 130 countries, I like the fact that my school doesn’t make me miss home, as I have so many other students from my country and many other African countries.

What do you like most about Dublin?
The city of Dublin has so much heritage and attractions to visit. From the National Museum, to the writers museum, there’s so much to see and learn. Not the National Gallery of Ireland with its beautiful paintings. The city is easy to navigate and that makes walking to school possible.

Did you face any kind of a ‘culture shock’ when you arrived?
Not at all. Like I said earlier, Dublin has a great number of foreign students. I was able to easily meet my countrymen and they helped me understand and adapt to the culture.

What will you miss most about Ireland?
When I graduate, I’ll definitely miss the Writers Museum. I am a writer and the writer’s museum is one place I feel at home and get inspired by simply looking at other great writers.

Do you have some tips to save money while studying abroad?
I’ll share a few tips on how I have been able to save money:

  • The distance from where you live to school should be a walking distance.
  • Learn to do so many things yourself, like making your nails or braiding your hair
  • If your school makes provision for meals for students, ensure never to miss them

How do you think you will benefit from your study overseas?
I’ve been able to meet new people. Make friends with people of different races and cultures. Learn about many cultures in the world, and see innovative ideas in Ireland that can help improve my country

What advice would you give to a Nigerian student travelling abroad to study for the first time?
Think of Ireland first. And if you cannot afford to come to Ireland, think of a country with a good number of people from your country. It will make adaptation easy, as so many of what you’ll face will be challenges your brothers and sisters have once faced and are ready to share tips on how to overcome.