claire in dublin

Claire – University of Technology Dublin, Ireland


Why did you choose to study in Ireland?
I chose to study in Ireland because of the standard of teaching and education, the career opportunities and the enjoyable lifestyle.

What do you like most about the school?
What I like the most about my school is that it is a high standard of learning and additionally, it is a welcoming environment.

What do you like the most about Dublin?
What I like most about the place where my school is located is that it is in a quiet and friendly environment. What I like most about Dublin is the firendliness of the people here.

Did you face any kind of “culture shock” when you arrived?
As regards to my arrival in Ireland, yes, I faced a culture shock. This culture shock includes different accent, different way of dressing, student with a distinct sense of humours and also different food that is shared to student in my school.

Do you have some tips about how to save money while studying abroad?
Yes, I have tips on how to save money while studying abroad. Thus, I save my money by using the app  called revolut app and not my normal usual bank. This way I can be able to save up money with the revolut app without having to squander all my money recklessly or carelessly.

How do you think you will benefit from your study abroad?
Studying abroad has helped improve my English, appreciate other cultures, overcome challenges of living in another country, will give me more job opportunities and gain a greater understanding of the world.

What advice would you give to a Nigerian student who will travel abroad to study for the first time?
The advice I would give to a Nigerian who will travel abroad to study for the first time is to embrace the opportunity to be overseas, work hard and be your real self.