5 International Study Destinations for Fine Arts and History in 2023


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Going back in time and creating something of your own is one of the rarest skills to acquire. Being an artist is not just about finding a job or gaining a professional degree but about passion and commitment. Art is a way to connect and express yourself, communicating our thoughts, emotions and experiences. The right exposure and guidance can help young artists grow and create new experiences for themselves. The evolution of art in the past decades proves that techniques might change; however, the idea of human civilisation is constant.

Surrounding yourself with talent and ideas can dramatically change your artistic perspective. Art is subjective, and it is not just limited to a paintbrush in your hand. Fine art is a collection of all expressions starting from painting, writing, filmmaking, dancing, visual art, clothing and many more. Studying abroad to master your skills and learning from people you meet worldwide is a glorious opportunity.

Studying in a city rich in art and history is of value to your time and money. International students get to experience so much exposure and culture in depth. The cities below are selected based on historical culture, art history and establishments of top businesses. Find your future study-abroad destination and get closer to your ideal goals.

Paris, France




The City of Love and Light has an ancient art history; the city is an imaginary painting. Home to over 100+ museums, Paris is the perfect destination that allows students to wander and witness the most exotic affairs. It has a number of notable universities that offer Bachelor in Fine Arts (BFA) and Masters in Fine Arts (MFA); Paris is also the top fashion hub in the world. if you are planning to study fashion or fashion business, Paris is the right place for you!

Florance, Italy

Once the capital of Italy, Florence has created a significant impact on art in the world. Europe altogether has an old history and old monuments. Florence is the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance. In the streets of Florence, you will find beauty and the museum’s mesmerising collections. Big names like Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Caravaggio, and Raphael all hail from the city of Florance. It also has one of the top 10 fashion schools in the world.




Kyoto, Japan

The unique architecture of Japan is completely different from the Western world. Kyoto’s fine countryside touch to its art allows you to see the world from a new point of view. Kyoto is a city full of culture – known as the city of ten thousand shrines. Japan is wonderful for students interested in visual arts because the finest animation that is created and consumed is made in Japan. Many Japanese Universities provide scholarships to international students helping to make it an affordable destination centre for foreign students.

Beijing, China




The capital city of China, Beijing, has a rich history in art and is almost old as the city of London. The city is home to the Great Wall and the Forbidden City, a visual representation of its oldest art history, from painting, calligraphy, pottery, sculptures, textiles, and porcelain, to ceramics art. Studying art in China is favourable because it exposes you to a completely different understanding of contemporary art. The New York Film Academy of Beijing has a list of filmmaking, writing and acting courses. More than 30 art schools and affordable international student accommodations in Beijing will connect you to the roots of art and culture with great exposure to Chinese art culture.

Melbourne, Australia

Australia is a top destination for foreign students. Thousands of international students fly to Australia to pursue their higher education. Melbourne is home to over 100 galleries around the city. The graffiti-scripted streets and notable national museums make Melbourne a perfect destination for foreign students who want to enjoy and fulfil their artistic dreams. Australia is very culturally diverse; studying in Australia will enable you to experience an excellent education system and a memorable student experience.




Finding the perfect destination for art students is really important. Adjusting and limiting your environment can restrict your artistic quality, and gaining as much knowledge as possible will polish and brighten your skills to an extreme level. It is understandable that studying abroad comes with a lot of work and a significant investment of time and money looking for student housing; however, it is also a world-class experience to have once in a lifetime.